As we reach the end of August, there’s been a number of updates to social media platforms that are worth noting if you’re looking to improve or build on your digital marketing efforts.  Here’s all the latest news from the last month…

YouTube Testing AI Generated Video Summaries

YouTube has started to test out more AI-based features.  This time allowing users to use AI Generated Video Summaries to help add more context to clips. 

YouTube explained this by saying; “We’re starting to test AI auto-generated summaries on YouTube, so that it’s easier for you to read a quick summary about a video and decide whether it’s the right fit for you. To begin with, you may see these summaries on watch and search pages. While we hope these summaries are helpful and give you a quick overview of what a video is about, they do not replace video descriptions (which are written by creators!).” 

This new feature can help to improve user-experience, help with accessibility and allow users to know if your video is the right fit for them before choosing to watch. 

New YouTube Video Reports

YouTube will now add new reports in YouTube Studio. When you access the Studio, in the Analytics – Content – All section, you’ll now be able to see your new subscribers as well as those who return, and subscribe by format type, making it easier for you to analyse your video’s performances. This is particularly helpful for creators taking advantage of YouTube Shorts and those who use the platform to livestream content.

X Offering Higher Revenue To Creators

Since Twitter became known as ‘X’, the former Twitter Blue subscribers are now members of ‘X Premium’, and can gain revenue from having other users subscribe to their profile for exclusive content.

It was announced this month that X will no longer be taking such a large cut of the revenue earned, although Apple or Google will continue to take 30% from revenue delivered by mobile devices – although Elon Musk plans to try and negotiate this to give creators access to even more revenue.

In order to charge for subscriptions on X, a “creator” must have over 500 followers, have posted 25 times within the past 30 days, and be over 18. 

X Allows Spaces On Desktop

Speaking of ‘X’, the Space’s feature will now be available for Desktop users, who can use their professional audio setups to produce high-quality Space content.

Spaces have been available on mobile for some time, with desktop users only having the option to listen in. Now they can request to speak, with hopes that it’ll boost X’s push on creator-based content. This is great for users who want to use this platform for live content with their digital marketing, as it now allows them to use professional equipment to give great live-podcast style content to their audience, connect with them and with other members of your industry, allowing you to collaborate on live content to provide deeper insight and knowledge to listeners.

New Features Added To Threads

It’s been a big month for Threads, as it establishes itself as a go-to social media platform. Whilst launching with little features aside from the basics last month, it’s building up what users can do on the platform to attract more people over. 

First of all, users can now share Threads they post into DM’s on Instagram, bringing people over from Instagram and getting them engaged on Threads with the user who DM’s them. They’ve also introduced Alt-Text to help with accessibility for users who need it. 

Threads also now lets you mention other members to make that direct connection easier, adding a ‘mention’ button to profiles to make this process even simpler. 

Likes are now available for you to view, and you can sort your followers by who you first followed, and who you followed last.

Threads is still attracting users who are seeking an alternative to X as the platform continues to change, and these new updates are being rolled out quickly in order to keep users engaged and using Threads over competitors. 

New LinkedIn Features For Highlighting Skills

LinkedIn will now allow users to highlight their ‘Top Skills’ in their about sections, making it easier for jobseekers to display their knowledge and experience to those who view their profiles. They’ve also added a way for users to link to media in the ‘Projects’ section whilst also allowing users to add skills there too, explained by LinkedIn saying: “for example, if you’re a photographer, you might link out to a website featuring your online portfolio and tag hard skills such as Adobe Photoshop and soft skills like Communication or Collaboration.”

Collaborative Posting On Instagram

Collaborative posting is being expanded, where users can add their own photos and videos to a post that has been shared (when the feature is turned on), which can then be reviewed by the creator to accept. This is great for those looking to boost their user-generated content, and could be a good way to boost engagement with your posts if users can submit their own content for consideration to appear on your profile. 

That’s all for updates in the social media world for August. Make sure you keep an eye out as we head towards Autumn for more updates!

Finally, your social media tip for August is: 

Get your social proof in front of your potential clients…

Online reviews are probably the type of social proof most of us are familiar with, and they have a major impact on buying decisions. 

BrightLocal found that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and don’t just trust the first review they see. On average, consumers check 2-3 different review sites before making a decision about a business. 

With this in mind we should be asking our clients to leave us reviews on our social media profiles. Once we have these reviews it’s a good idea to screenshot them and put them on our newsfeed to shoe other potential clients what we are good at.